Company News


2015 / 03

Jyi Yuh Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Tweezers, magnetic tools, magnifiers, carpentry tools, auto repair tools

Founded in 1986, Jyi Yuh Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hand tools made with patented innovations that add to their functionality and practicality.

Among the company's innovative products is a 3-in-1 pickup tool. The magnetic pickup tool has a removable LED lamp on a flexible tube for excellent utility. Furthermore, the company has improved the magnet inside the tube to avoid the pickup tool being magnetized by other metal products. The product, which is patented in the U.S., Germany and Japan, is ideal for auto repair work.

Another functionally impressive product made by Jyi Yuh is the Multi-function Universal Magnetic Parts Tray. The tray has a strong magnetic force and well organized compartments for easy assortment of parts. The futuristic-looking tray can also be mounted for carrying non-magnetic parts, accessories and tools.

The Jyi Yuh also supplies tweezers, auto repair tools, magnetic tools, magnifiers, carpentry tools, cutters, magnetic tool trays, carving tool sets, corner clamps, multi-function pickup tools, hex key wrench sets, oil seal pick sets, magnetic holders, disc brake pad spreaders, lamp holders, oil filter wrenches, cement chamfers, spark plug gap gauges, universal scrapers, belt type adhesive tape racks, tailpipes and tubing cutters, and nail-cleaning tools.

Underpinned by constant devotion to integrity, innovation and high quality, Jyi Yuh has built a solid name among customers worldwide as a high-profile supplier in the line.